TACDL is a nonprofit organization operating under the laws of the State of Tennessee. The association provides education, training and support to the lawyers representing citizens accused of crime. The association also advocates fair and effective criminal justice in the courts, the legislature, and wherever justice demands.

The Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers was formed and chartered in 1973 as a not for profit corporation. Membership is open to members of the Bar of the State of Tennessee who engage in defense of criminal cases—whether at a state or federal level—as a portion of their practice. Practice shall be defined as including the practice of law when privately retained on behalf of an accused person or when financed by local, state or federal sources when the lawyer is engaged in the defense of criminal cases.

TACDL offers benefits and support to its members such as amicus briefs, CLEs, members’ network, publications, resources and more. The association benefit from committees of member volunteers/ recommendations as liaisons, representatives (formed to help and support in the Tennessee state area for your practice) death penalty committee, forensic experts, juvenile defense, legislative, and publications.

Continuing Legal Education is offered to its members and special guests commensurate with the laws, rules and regulations of the State of Tennessee, the United States Supreme Court or the Tennessee Supreme Court.