Past Presidents

TACDL’s 25th Anniversary (1998)

Front (left to right): John Eldridge, Rich McGee, Henry Martin, Pat McNally, Bo Edwards, and Joe Levitt.
Middle (left to right): Karla Gothard, Herb Moncier, John T. Milburn Rogers, Harmon Wray (past Executive Director), John Oliva, Ann Short Bowers.
Back (left to right): Allen Schwartz, Lionel Barrett, Jim Weatherly, Bob Massey, Bob Ritchie, Jim Bell, Joe Tipton, and Ralph Harwell.

TACDL’s 35th Anniversary (2008)

Back row: Jim Bell, Ralph Harwell, Lionel Barrett, John Eldridge, Jim Weatherly, Rich McGee, and Pat McNally.
Front row: Joe Levine, Jerry Summers, Bill Massey, Randy Reagan, Ann Short-Bowers, Caryll Alpert, Karla Gothard, Judge Joe Tipton and Bob Massey.

TACDL thanks these people for their leadership in the organization in the past as well as the present!

1st Year (1973)

1973-74 Robert W. Ritchie

1974-75 Philip P. Durand

1975-76 Jerry H. Summers

1976-77 E. E. “Bo” Edwards

1977-78 Allen E. Schwartz

5th Year (1978)

1978-9 Lionel R. Barrett Jr.

1979-80 Joseph M. Tipton

1980-81 Joseph B. Jones

1981-82 Joseph J. Levitt Jr.

1982-3 Lionel R. Barrett Jr.

10th Year (1983)

1983-84 James A. H. Bell

1984-85 Henry A. Martin

1985-86 James L. Weatherly Jr.

1986-87 Herbert S. Moncier

1987-88 Charles C. Burks Jr.

15th Year (1988)

1988-89 Richard M. McGee

1989-90 Ralph E. Harwell

1990-91 John T. M. Rogers

1991-92 N. Reese Bagwell

1992-93 Ann C. Short Bowers

20th Year (1993)

1993-94 Robert D. Massey

1994-95 John G. Oliva

1995-96 Karl F. Dean

1996-97 Patrick T. McNally

1997-98 John E. Eldridge

25th Year (1998)

1998-99 Karla G. Gothard

1999-00 Ross E. Alderman

2000-01 Kenneth F. Irvine Jr.

2001-02 W. Mark Ward

2002-03 Paula R. Voss

30th Year (2003)

2003-04 Paul J. Morrow Jr.

2004-05 Stephen G. Young

2005-06 William D. Massey

2006-07 Randall E. Reagan

2007-08 Caryll S. Alpert

35th Year (2008)

2008-09 Lorna S. McClusky

2009-10 Jerry P. Black

2010-11 Laura C. Dykes

2011-12 Stephen Ross Johnson

2012-13 Rob McKinney

40th Year (2013)

2013-14 Mike Whalen

2014-15 Sam Perkins

2015-16 Paul Bruno

2016-17 Sara Compher-Rice

2017-18 Joseph S. Ozment

45th Year (2018)

2018-19 Jeff G. Cherry

2019-20 Jonathan D. Cooper

2020-21 Michael R. Working