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  • Opportunities to author and collaborate on ‘friend of the court’ briefs advancing criminal justice concerns.
  • Opportunities for board involvement and leadership, as well as participation in game-changing TACDL Committees.
  • Professional advancement and reputation burnishing through work in important, sometimes high visibility roles.
  • Mix with your fellow defense lawyers at TACDL Roundtables, parties, fundraisers, and sponsored events.
  • Annual Awards Dinner – a lavish party honoring member recipients for their exemplary contributions to the organization or to justice over the prior year.
  • Multiple, variable, and cutting-edge online and live seminars with gifted lecturers to satisfy your CLE requirements and stimulate your practice.
  • Opportunities to advance TACDL’s Justice Development Committee’s initiatives within the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.
  • Prospects to speak before the General Assembly and represent TACDL’s positions in private meetings with lawmakers.
  • Direct, personal, and confidential real time guidance on ethics questions particular to criminal law from TACDL’s Ethics Committee.
  • Searchable database of available local and national expert witnesses, investigators, and consultants.
  • Formal and informal chances to connect with practitioners and establish referral networks across the state.
  • Placement on TACDL’s Find a Lawyer website attorney locator.
  • Access to business discounts and special offers to members from TACDL’s vendor sponsors.
  • Annual awards honoring TACDL members at their best.
  • 24/7 access to an online community of members willing to share insights, materials, and offer respectful assistance on an easy to use web-based platform.
  • Access to TACDL’s email newsletter, The Writ, its member-run journal For The Defense, and recorded seminars and materials available for purchase.
  • A team of designated TACDL lawyers across the state to aid and represent members facing contempt of court charges stemming from the zealous representation of their criminally charged clients.
  • As a §501(c) non-profit, members enjoy tax-deductible business expenses and charitable contributions. Please check with the Office for up-to-date annual deduction rates.